Timothy Oulton


Timothy Oulton Studio is a boutique design studio dedicated to the creation of incredible environments. Innovation and meticulous attention to detail are at the forefront of every Studio project as the team strives to create unique and breathtaking interiors. 

Impossible… What’s impossible? 

The moon landing represents an iconic moment in history where man achieved the impossible. It will forever be remembered by the millions of people world wide who watched it on their black and white TV sets. For Studio the capsule represents the journeys that we go on through time and space in search of design inspiration. It is a showcase  of the studio’s design and manufacturing capabilities and was made in-house by our team of skilled craftsmen. Inspired by the original Apollo 11, the polished stainless steel shell is the same scale as the original capsule. The bespoke interiors include Tomahawk Camel, tufted leather upholstery; an Alabaster dining table and a customised Odeon pendant, which is also in Alabaster. The staircase is wrapped in a luxurious woven leather and the central carpet is sheep fur. The external shell can be broken down into 4 segments for shipping and includes assembly instructions.